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About Us

Raising the Standard

At Monroy Electric, the mission is clear: to be the premier electrical company, meeting and exceeding the needs of each client with precision, reliability, and fairness. This is the story of Monroy Electric, where every wire, every service, and every satisfied customer is a chapter in an ongoing tale of success and dedication to excellence.

Our Story

Originally from Colombia, my career began with a focus on commercial projects, eventually leading to a specialization in infrastructure for public telecommunication projects.

Our journey here in Naples, FL started and has been further enriched by my son, who joined me post-college to co-found our business. His contribution has been invaluable, not just in business operations but also in achieving his own general contracting license, adding depth and versatility to our services.


Our approach at Monroy Electric skillfully blends traditional values with contemporary solutions, ensuring safe, dependable, and efficient electrical services. These services are tailored to enhance the comfort and security of every home, meeting the unique needs of our clients. We are not merely a service provider; we are your partner in transforming your house into a home, embodying the spirit of community and family values. With nearly 10 years of operation, Monroy Electric stands as a testament to hard work, family collaboration, and a steadfast commitment to our customers.

Diego Monroy Sr. 
Head/Master Electrician, Owner 

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